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Meanwhile, in Newfoundland...

Chronicles of the Shads

‬‬‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‬‬‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉Phil Ken Sebbin
26 September 1985
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It is a Shads!
Rape Guy™, acting like a tardmo, angry music, anything from phil sebbin, ashtraytdz, baby seal boots, bacon, balls shit fuck cunt, bashing cute baby seals, beating off fiercely, beating strangers with dildos, beating up hippies, being a horrible fangirl, being delightfully offensive, being far superior, being super special awesome, being unbelievably damn awesome, burnin doing the neutrondance, captain morgan, causing moral decay, cawing randomly, chewing on things, clubbing cute baby seals, cutesy little snakies, dancin like a monkey, dancing in the underwears, depriving people of dignity, doing nefarious deeds, donkey punching prepubescent schoolgirls, drawing dongs on things, eating babies, eating cannibals, eating paint chips, eating potato roommates, eating previously alive things, ejaculating in vanilla milkshakes, elftor, eternally scheming my revenge, extremely cheesy porn, farting loudly in elevators, farting on candles, feeding snakes on webcam, flouncing around everywhere, fluffy haired guys, freakazoid!, furbie baseball, getting pleasantly buzzed, gonads in the lightning, guys without mullets, having chameleon hair, hiding on pirate ships, hitler is my bishie, hoarding bizarre things, hobos fighting over meat, horrible horrible slash fangirling, hugging dangerous creatures, hypothetical pets, juggling babies, juggling midgets, kicking midget's legs, kicking yappy dogs, kissing gecko nosies, kissing venomous things, knives, knowing they will die, long hair, loudly yelling genital names, love, making baby seal boots, making homer smash things, making people's skin explode, making really weird interests, making toddler vodka, masturbating far too much, meat, miles edgeworth is sexy, molesting jake marshall, monty python, mun, mythology, new wave never dies, night time, ninjas, nipple detonating, painting, pecking out eyes, pelting pitbulls with tofu, penny arcade, phoenix wright, pickling babies, pissing in people's cornflakes, pissing on random hobos, pissing out campfires, poutine, prancing like a fairy, punchin lex, punching young children, putting money in speedos, questionable content, random insanity, raping celebrities, raping the willing, reading, reptiles, rpgs, sabotaging greenpeace, sabotaging peta, saying lol butts lol, schrodinger's ferret, sci-fi, science fiction, sexy villians, sharp objects, shitting in people's cornflakes, singing horribly offkey, sirius black, slash, something positive, sometimes molesting jesus, south park, spirituality, spitting blood on orphans, spontanious nudity, stalking birds with cameras, steak, stealing hobo's booze, strictly video's sign, stuffing my fat face, sweet sweet fleshmeats, that facist groove thing, the kak, the last rubber piggy, the smells of burning, traumatizing my roommates, treating midgets like animals, upsetting my neighbours, using babies as pincushions, various forms of cheese, vicious yet adorable reptiles, vicks vaporub as asslube, violently fisting your ass, watching flames consume them, watching wee geckos smirk, wearing lizards as hats, weird al, whatwhat in the butt, yaoi, , , ∞s in msn names